"Fragnoli is a trained mediator, a skillset which could certainly be useful on a polarized Capitol Hill" -Dallas Morning News

Meet Kathy Fragnoli

Kathy is running for Congress in TX-24 because she believes that now is the time to make a difference in our divisive era. The American people shouldn’t have to suffer because of our leaders’ inability to put partisanship aside. As a professional mediator, Kathy feels her skills can help end Congressional gridlock and move Texas forward.

Kathy knows how to keep an open mind to all points of view while fighting hard to maintain the fundamental principles of a healthy democracy. She was chosen by her peers in 2021 as one of the best lawyers in Dallas in the field of dispute resolution, and now she’s hoping she’ll be chosen to represent TX-24 in 2022.

Kathy is a unique candidate. With her ability to keep an open mind in her work and in her politics, she believes that she can show up for the people of TX-24 in a way that many politicians can’t. Kathy will advocate for her constituents’ needs, instead of bringing in personal and party bias. Kathy will focus on what matters most … working together to make our country better for all of us.

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Kathy's Priorities

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Women's Rights and the Right to Choose

In Texas, women who don’t realize within the first six weeks that they are pregnant can now become the prey of bounty hunters when they seek to have an abortion. As can the Uber driver who drives them to the procedure! This new law has driven women back to the desperation of traveling to another state to terminate a pregnancy. Cruelty is built into this statute since it also applies to women who have been raped. Other states are looking at copying this law even though 60% of Americans believe the ability to terminate a pregnancy should be a woman’s right.

We must protect what the Supreme Court decided 50 years ago was a constitutional right to privacy under the 14th Amendment.

Consumer Protections and Banking

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Consumer Protection and Credit Card Interest Rates

Average Americans are earning less than a half of a percent on their savings while paying their credit card companies up to 26% in interest on their balances. Millions are unable to pay more than the monthly interest payment. This should be a bipartisan issue that Congress addresses with federal usury laws that prevent banks from fleecing the consumer.

Veterans Issues

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Veterans Issues and Mental Health Services

Texas has a long tradition of providing a home to our nation’s military. Of the 1.6 million veterans who call Texas home, nearly a quarter of them live in the DFW area. When elected, I will focus on expanding services to veterans to enable them to access affordable housing, high-paying jobs, and high-quality health services.

Let's End Congressional Gridlock Together

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