Kathy's Story

Kathy is running for Congress in TX-24 because she believes that now is the time to make a difference in our divisive era. The American people shouldn’t have to suffer because of our leaders’ inability to put partisanship aside. As a professional mediator, Kathy feels her skills can help end Congressional gridlock and move Texas forward.

Kathy was born in Wilmington, Delaware, and grew up in a town of 3,500 on the Vermont border. Her mother was a teacher for 37 years and her dad sold and repaired appliances. Kathy worked as a waitress from age 16 until after law school. She moved to Texas in 1979 after graduating from Boston College and Gonzaga University. Kathy worked locally as a lawyer for American Airlines for 12 years and then began a national mediation practice helping resolve workplace disputes. She has been under contract with the Pentagon and the VA helping facilitate workplace conflict and is regularly appointed by judges to help settle lawsuits in the DFW area.

After 27 years of resolving high level conflicts, Kathy wants to put her skills to work helping to change the dialogue in Washington where some politicians profit from creating divisions in our country. She decided to run for Congress in TX-24 after the events of January 6th and the recent change of abortion laws in Texas, which are now taking hold in other states.

Kathy knows how to keep an open mind to all points of view while fighting hard to maintain the fundamental principles of a healthy democracy. She was chosen by her peers in 2021 as one of the best lawyers in Dallas in the field of dispute resolution, and now she’s hoping she’ll be chosen to represent TX-24 in 2022.

Kathy is a unique candidate. With her ability to keep an open mind in her work and in her politics, she believes that she can show up for the people of TX-24 in a way that many politicians can’t. Kathy will advocate for her constituents’ needs, instead of bringing in personal and party bias. Kathy will focus on what matters most … working together to make our country better for all of us.