Kathy's Agenda for Texas


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The Environment

Congress needs to take action on the warnings climate experts have been giving us for over a decade. While many of the climate change proposals may seem complex, there are simple things we can do now to reduce further damage to the environment. Increasing the reliability and speed of our national train system and expanding investment in public transit across the U.S. will go a long way to reducing our carbon footprint and create new jobs along the way. We also need to create incentives for innovation, such as a federally funded “Climate Prize” which would be awarded to the top scientists who invent solutions that can be implemented immediately to reduce emissions and provide other protections for our environment.

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LGBTQ+ Rights

Sometimes in our society, we seem to be more tolerant and understanding of who people hate rather than who they love. There is room in this tent for all of us and we should strive as a democracy and people to accept those who are different than we are. In fact, we should celebrate it! This country was built by and for the idea that difference of opinion and diversity of character is something to be celebrated, not discouraged. After all, we call ourselves the “United“ States of America. We can only claim that title when we allow others to live their lives the way they chose.

Big Pharma and Drug Addiction

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Big Pharma and Addiction

In 2021 over 100,000 people died from a drug overdose. The opioid epidemic has ravaged American families, and major pharmaceutical companies have consistently added fuel to the fire with very few consequences. We need to improve safety within the drug approval process, and stop giving lobbyists a seat at the table. Furthermore, we need to fund new research for non-addictive methods of pain management and effective treatment options for people suffering from addiction of all kinds.

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Social Security

Now that pensions have disappeared, many seniors live only on what they receive from Social Security. We earned our social security benefits because WE PAID for them beginning on the day we received our first paycheck.

Social Security income should not be taxed. Before 1984 your social security was not taxed and many people planned for the future not knowing they would have to pay regular income tax on this benefit. If  we could afford not taxing social Security for 30 years we can do it again!
Veterans Issues

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Veterans Issues and Mental Health Services

Texas has a long tradition of providing a home to our nation’s military. Of the 1.6 million veterans who call Texas home, nearly a quarter of them live in the DFW area. When elected, I will focus on expanding services to veterans to enable them to access affordable housing, high-paying jobs, and high-quality health services.

Through my work with the VA, I know firsthand that current and former armed service members who were exposed to brutal combat missions are unable to get the necessary mental health care they need to cope with PTSD and other mental health issues. The federal government is letting these men and women down. Congress must find creative ways to help our military including funding peer helplines staffed by vets who have served in combat missions. In addition, the process for filing for disability after serving in combat should be streamlined to prevent the months of confusing paperwork, appointments, and examinations that burden our veterans even more.

Consumer Protections and Banking

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Consumer Protection/Predatory Lending and Student Loan Interest Rates

Average Americans are earning less than half of a percent on their savings while they are paying their credit card companies up to 26% in interest on their balances. Millions of people are unable to pay more than the monthly interest payment and can never get ahead. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that an unexpected medical bill costing thousands of dollars ends up on a credit card and takes years to pay off. This should be a bipartisan issue that Congress addresses with federal usury laws that prevent banks from fleecing the consumer.

Election Reform and PAC Money

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Election Reform

Publicly funded elections combined with small donor donations would prevent the uber-wealthy and dark money groups from undermining our democratic process. Similarly, legilation has been introduced and ratified that makes it harder for everyday Americans to vote. Racially-based ID legislation goes against the very foundation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I will advocate for this and other election safeguards once elected.